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Fusion Module

Discontinued: Our Flagship Product, the Fusion Module

Right now, the Fusion Module is no longer being sold, but we do have plans to replace it! Keep reading and you'll find out what's up.

Here’s why we stopped making the Fusion Module

The Fusion Module tried to solve two very different needs in one product: High-quality sensor data for analysis and shot logging for DOPE books. What we found was that customers did not overlap in these categories. Some wanted to measure and analyze data, some wanted a way to log data for loads and targets.

It’s tough making one product to fit the needs of two totally different customers. There were compromises to make the middle-ground work. We decided not to compromise and instead, split into two new products: The Reactor One and the Reactor Two.

Here’s what we’re doing to replace it

The Reactor Two is a super tiny shot logger that you stick to your firearm and leave alone. It logs timestamps and sensor data from each of your shots and syncs those back to the mobile app. The battery life will be somewhere between 3 and 6 months and it will only cost $99! It’s already been tested to be fully waterproof (no IP rating yet but we’ll have it done before launch).

Reactor Two

Super Tiny

Built to be forgotten about on your firearm until you need your data. Long battery life, fully water proof.