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Warranty and Return Policy

30 Day Money Back Return Policy

There is a 30 day money back guarantee for all Fusion Module orders shipped within the US. To receive a full refund, your product must be returned in good condition and in proper working order. You will need to provide proof of purchase. Reactor will provide a return shipping label. If your product is tampered with or damaged in any way, Reactor reserves the right to refuse this refund.

Product Warranty

The Fusion Module is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects up to one year from the date of purchase. Product malfunctions caused by misuse will not be warrantied.

Water Damage

The Fusion Module is water resistant, not waterproof. Use of the Fusion Module in adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow is acceptable; however, submerging the Fusion Module in liquid, under any circumstances, will not be warrantied. The best practice is to avoid water altogether.

Physical Damage

The Fusion Module is an electronic device with a circuit board and a battery. It is designed for the brief forces experienced during gun shots but is not guaranteed against damage from being thrown, dropped, crushed, or any other physical battery.

Please treat it with the same respect you would treat your cell phone and you’ll get along fine. 🙂