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Recoil Analysis

This page explains some of our recoil analysis terminology and what some of the features we show in our app and in Reactor PRO are.

Reactor PRO’s “Shot Comparison” tool allows you to select up to 10 shots and compare them side-by-side for differences. Please be aware that looking at simple charts of acceleration or audio data do not yield valuable insights into a signal. This is why we introduced DSP (digital signal processing) tools into Reactor’s ecosystem.

We can add features and assist with custom reports if you contact us.

Here is a list of the various features we extract from the signals:

Max Accel. (G)

Max acceleration seen during shot signal along the barrel axis, in units of Gs.

Accel. Sum (pre 1.6 ms)

The total sum of acceleration measurements up to 1.6ms (during uncorking and initial recoil event).

Accel. Sum (post 1.6 ms)

The total sum of acceleration measurements after 1.6ms (after uncorking and initial recoil event).

Muzzle Deflection (degrees)

How far the muzzle deflected vertically from the initial angle.

Accel RMS

Root-mean-square of the acceleration signal. The RMS is roughly used to quantify the energy of the spectrum but is not an energy value! Please note we use a Hanning windowing function.

Accel Centroid Freq

The balancing point of the frequency domain for the shot.

A measurement of the spectral ‘center of gravity’ of a sound. It’s useful for identifying and classifying the sound’s profile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectral_centroid

Audio RMS

See “Accel RMS” above.

Audio Centroid Freq

See ” Accel Centroid Freq” above.