Can I take shots without them being detected and logged?

Yes. The Fusion Module only works when it’s on and paired with our app. It does not log any data internally nor does it log data and send it when you are not using our app.

Do I need a Fusion Module to use the mobile app?

Yes. The Fusion Module enables the shot detection and telemetry features in order to properly log data on your phone.

Do you track my location?

We only use your location when a Fusion Module is paired and we only log it when a shot takes place. The only location data we log in your account is tied to shots and the data is only logged while your app is running and a Fusion Module is on and paired with the app.

You can turn off shot location logging under Settings > Features.

Android requires location permissions in order to enable Bluetooth so disabling location logging from our app is separate from disabling location access from your phone’s settings. We do, however, turn off all location-based data when you disable it from our app.

Where is the barrel temperature data?

Our original Fusion Module that installed into the barrel channel of the Grayboe Neo had a built-in temperature sensor. The newer Fusion Module that is 1/4 the size and can be installed on any M-Lok or Pic rail does not have a built-in temperature sensor.

We are working on an accessory device that allows you to mount a sensor anywhere you want to support this feature again. We removed it to allow the device to be mounted anywhere, with fewer restrictions based on user feedback.

What do you do with my data?

Reactor uses your shot data to make our mobile app and embedded systems better. We also use your data to look at common recoil profiles and other behaviors that take place during shots. This data is decoupled from your Personally Identifiable Information.

We never, ever sell your personal information or distribute it to other parties.

We are dedicated to the belief that all people deserve to have their rights protected and we do our best to ensure that all data you trust us with is treated with the utmost respect. If you want to know more, just shoot us an email at support@reactorusa.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Can I request to have my account and all data erased?

Yes. We will delete all information we have for your account and provide you with proof of deletion if you’d like. Just email us at support@reactorusa.com from the same email address you use for your account and we will confirm with you and then delete it. Once deleted, you will lose your information permanently and we will have no way of recovering it. You also will not be able to sign in to the app. You will be able to create a new account in the future if you’d like, however.

How many rifle or ammo profiles can I store in the app?

As many as you want!

My Fusion Module isn't turning on, responding, or charging. What do I do?

Contact us! That’s what we’re here for.

Do I have to do anything to ensure my shots are logged properly

As long as your Fusion Module is on and paired to the Reactor mobile app it will log shots. If you forget to start a set, the app will create a new set automatically.  You can put your phone down or in your pocket while the app is running and the module is connected and shots will still log to your account.

How do I export my shot data?

Data exporting is a feature available in the Reactor PRO dashboard. Click here to learn more.

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