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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take shots without them being detected and logged?

Yes. Simply power off your Fusion Module and it will not log any shots.

Do you log my location?

Yes, but only with shots. Your location is used for determining things like weather, compass corrections, sun position, etc. but is not logged unless a shot occurs.

You can turn off all location-related features from within the app settings. Note that Android requires location to be enabled for our app in order to use Bluetooth. As such, you must give our app location permissions but you can disable location from inside our app settings.

Does the Fusion Module have built-in GPS?

No. All location data comes from your phone.

Can I request to have my account and all data erased?

Yes. Email us at [email protected] and we will scrub all data in your account and delete your user from the system.

My Fusion Module isn’t working. What do I do?

Simple steps to recover a frozen module:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Hold down the button for 10 seconds

If the module doesn’t turn back on after this, contact us and we’ll help you right away.

Does it work on pistols, ARs, muzzle loaders, airsoft, paintball, bows, or other firearms?

Any firearm you can attach the module to, we will support as best as we can. Official archery features are in development so we do not officially support bows yet, but if you can get it to work, let us know!

Like I said, we will support anything we can as best as we can.

How do I download my shot data to a file?

You can do this from the Reactor PRO dashboard at https://pro.reactorusa.com. Reactor PRO is in beta and features are not guaranteed to work.

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