Updates from Reactor about the company and products


First off, WOW. SHOT Show 2020 was a huge success and we received massive amounts of exposure, ideas, feedback, and product direction.

The feedback that we received was insightful and will lead to a better product and customer experience. Here’s how it impacts Reactor and you:

  1. Universal Mounting Option: We have designed and are currently prototyping our universal mounting option to allow M-Lok and Picatinny options.
  2. Smaller Package Size: Along with the smaller mounting option, our entire Fusion Module will now be a quarter of the size, but have all of the same features and battery life!
  3. Delivery Schedule Moved: We are choosing to delay our initial product launch in order to deliver a better product. This will allow us to deliver the features listed above, along with more software features right at launch.

We know that this was a big decision and we did not make it lightly. Our ultimate goal has always been to build exciting products that change the industry, and we believe that these decisions are completely inline with the goal.

If you want to hear more about our product by one of the foremost experts in the long range industry, check out this podcast we just did with Tyler Hughes.

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