Fusion Module V3 Reservation


First-come, first-served reservation for the new Fusion Modules coming in late June.

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We are sold out of the V2 Fusion Modules. Don’t panic! V3 modules are launching in late June.

Our V3 Fusion Modules have all of the same features, plus the following goodies:

  1. Three axis acceleration measurement (as opposed to single-axis) to capture all of the finer details going on with your firearm.
  2. Ambient temperature and pressure sensors built-in.
  3. On-board shot logging memory (no more Bluetooth connection requirement for making sure shots get detected).
  4. Significant improvements to water resistance

See here for a comprehensive list of the hardware and sensor differences.

The Reactor Fusion Module is a Bluetooth Data Acquisition Device that mounts to your firearm and links with the Reactor ecosystem to deliver unmatched data logging and analysis tools. It mounts to your firearm via an M-Lok or Picatinny rail and gives real-time data about your shooting conditions, along with providing an automated dope book with the data from other sensors and supported third-party devices.

For technical specifications and advanced information, please go to this link: Fusion Module Documentation

What’s Included in the Box?

  1. Fusion Module (x1)
  2. One M-Lok and one Pic Rail mounting bracket
  3. USB charge cable (x1)
  4. Instructions

Additional information

Dimensions 2.29 × 0.95 × 0.56 in
Accelerometer Upgrade

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