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New Fusion Module

Our new Fusion Module is nearly complete and we have a launch date of August 1st, 2020.

We have spent the last few months since SHOT Show 2020 redesigning our mobile app and our Fusion Module to match requests from our customers and partners. Here are some of the new patent-pending features we have included:

  1. Completely redesigned mobile app for iOS and Android supporting a wide variety of new features. Here are a few:
    • Sun position logging (for understanding how scope shadow effects shot accuracy and correcting for it)
    • Time between shots for determining cadences
    • Customizable Set views for seeing the data you care about while shooting
    • Better shot history view with full timeline and advanced search features (you can even search for shots that occurred when the weather was cloudy, rainy, etc.)
    • Shot counts on rifle components so you know how many shots your action, barrel, sight, or stock has on it
    • Shot counts for specific ammunitions so you know how many times you’ve fired each one, and can even track inventory more efficiently
    • Barcode scanner for entering ammunition information quickly, accurately and consistently
    • Muzzle velocity, range to target, and shooting position logging for more accurate data books
    • Heads Up Display (HUD) snapshots that show the exact telemetry (orientation, cant, and inclination) when a shot took place
    • More advanced maps showing the expected flight path of your shot based on the range to target you enter
    • Performance customizations and experimental feature opt-in support for shooters that like to have the latest-and-greatest tech
  2. Smaller Fusion Module that mounts to a single M-lok slot (slightly larger than a AA battery)
  3. Universal mounting possibilities with M-Lok and Pic-rail available at launch
  4. Faster and more powerful processor for higher sensor sample rates and faster Bluetooth connectivity
  5. More reliable shot detection algorithm tested across calibers from .22 to .50 with high detection accuracy and low false positives
  6. Higher G-Force range on our recoil profile accelerometer to measure higher calibers with high precision
  7. Support for an accessory system for wired and wireless integrations with other devices (we are working on integrations now – expect to see Kestrel and other 3rd party partner support before the end of the year)
  8. Support for USB-C integrations with our PRO web app (coming soon) to allow you to crunch your shot data and export it

We believe in leaving trigger control in the hands of the shooter. We believe that humans possess better judgment than algorithms. We also believe that data makes us more informed and better decision makers. Our goal is to deliver the most useful and actionable data so that you can take your shots with the utmost confidence. We do all this without compromising your trust in our ability to protect your personal information.

Science: For the Win!

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